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Lifting Equipment

Lifting Equipment

Arise Global Pte Ltd.
Crane, hoisting and lifting equipment inspection from Blue Horizon Services (BHS) – ensure the safety and reliability of your equipment and compliance with statutory requirements. Whether you own or operate cranes, lifting or hoisting equipment, you need to ensure that they are safe, and in compliance with statutory requirements. That is where our crane, hoisting and lifting equipment inspection can help.

Why use crane, hoisting and lifting equipment inspection from BHS?

We are based in Abu Dhabi for inspection, testing, verification and certification of all types of crane, hoisting and lifting equipment. That means that we can offer you the unrivaled expertise, experience and equipment to conduct professional statutory and voluntary crane inspection for:

  • Material-handling devices: including cranes, derricks, fork-lifts, truck-mounted cranes, shackles, hooks, elevating platforms, and telehandlers
  • Personnel handling devices: such as elevators, escalators, ski lifts, cable cars and mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs)
  • We provide training for the safe operation of lifting equipment for Operators and Riggers ensuring that they are capable of performing their operations safely and competently before deployment.  Our comprehensive training programs includes both theoretical and practical training. The aim of these programs are to ensure that the operators possess high skill levels, allowing them to operate their equipment safely.
  • We also provides inspection and certification of Earthmoving equipment and competency assessment of its operators. Our services not only assures that the equipment is safe to use but also ensures that the equipment operators are well trained and highly skilled.
  • Our Expert tests & inspect the lifting equipment and ensure that the client are competent in the use of safe lifting equipment’s and can fully rely on the lifting accessories they work with. With our complete one-stop solutions that can accommodate all your technical, project management and quality needs.

Our crane, hoisting and lifting equipment inspection can help you:

  • Meet all associated regulatory requirements, with independent inspection carried out in accordance with all applicable regulations, standards and engineering practices
  • Assure the safe and proper working capability and condition of your crane or lifting and hoisting equipment
  • Maintain the capability and availability of your equipment
  • Maximize uptime and planned outages to minimize operational impact

The Company provides Inspection & Certification Services for

  • Pedestal Crane
  • Mobile Crane
  • EOT Crane
  • Slewing Jib Crane
  • Crawler crane
  • Hoist ( Electric / Pneumatic)
  • General Purpose floor mounted winch
  • Manual Floor Crane
  • ”A” Frame Gantry
  • Forklift /Variable Reach Trucks
  • Pallet Stacker
  • Hand Pallet Truck
  • Marine Life Boat
  • Suspended Access Equipment.
  • Man riding Winch
  • Mobile elevating work platform MEWP(MANLIFT)
  • Tripod
  • Full body Harness with lanyard
  • Lifting Beam /Spreader Beam
  • Hydraulic & Mechanical jacks
  • Cargo Carrying Units (container)
  • Man basket
  • Material Basket
  • Chain block
  • Lever hoist
  • Wirerope pulling machine (Tirfor)
  • Fall Arrestor
  • Beam Trolley
  • Plate clamps
  • Snatch blocks/Multiple sheave block
  • Wirerope / Wire rope slings
  • Chain slings
  • Synthetic slings (Flat & Round)
  • Shackles
  • Eyebolt
  • Rigging Screws
  • Cargo Nets
  • Rings,Links & Swivels
  • Hooks
  • Runway Beam/Monorail
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Lifting Equipment’s Training courses

  • Appointed Person Training Outline
  • Basic Rigging & Slinging
  • All types of Crane Operator Training
  • All types of Earth Moving Equipment/ Heavy Equipment Operator Training
  • Forklift Operator Training
  • Lifting / Rigging Supervisor Training
  • Lorry loader Operator Training
  • Mobile Crane Operator Training
  • Mobile Elevating Work Platform Operator Training
  • Vehicle Banksman Course Outline
  • Crawler Crane Operator Training
  • EOT Crane Operator Training
  • Abrasive Wheel Training