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Specialised Inspection And Modified Surveys Methodogies

Specialised Inspection And Modified Surveys Methodogies

Arise Global Pte Ltd.
We utilize innovative methods and technologies, apart from the conventional methodologies used in the industry. We do not reinvent the wheel but take a “common sense” approach to your problem and coming out with a relevant solution.


  • Combined CIPS and DCVG surveys for cross country pipelines or assessing of protection level and potential defects
  • Modified survey of underground pipelines under soil, concrete, road crossings etc without excavation or hacking required
  • Corrosion monitoring for onshore and offshore structures

Specialised Services for:

  • Feasibility surveys
  • Soil resistivity and design data collection survey
  • Detailed design and engineering of the system
  • Materials manufacturing/procurement/handling
  • Installation of equipment
  • Testing, pre-commissioning and commissioning
  • Monitoring and maintenance
  • Post-commissioning surveys
  • Specialized Integrity surveys
  • Interference surveys
  • Modified DCVG Survey.
  • Modified survey was carried out on buried DMF tank in a petrochemical plant.